It's all about the Finish!| Our most dynamic color yet!

AQUARELY provides a dynamic color range including 95 shades within 21 color families.

  • Choose from four natural series, providing more artistic control and consistent results with every color service.
  • AQUARELY’s pastel shades allow for dynamic intensity control, and incredible color management for achieving a wide range of absolutely beautiful blonde looks.
  • AQUARELY contains a unique Molar Formula that provides a balanced intense color. After the color service, you will experience a long-lasting uniform and consistently vibrant color.
  • E-PLEX Bond Repair improves the brightness and resistance of the hair making it stronger and healthier.
  • Crystalsphere technology optimizes the cosmetic performance, releasing color gradually over time to ensure lasting optimal color results.
  • Its Biomimetic emulsion dervied from the olive tree provides a natural shine.


Aquarely is formulated with particular attention to the balance between sustainability and performance. The special 100% Vegan and Cruelty free formula reflects our research path aimed at creating more ethical and respectful cosmetics towards the entire planet: what we call “conscious cosmetics”.

The design of the Aquarely packaging demonstrates a great commitment in terms of sustainability. In fact, the whole package is 100% recyclable: aluminum tube, plastic cap and FSC paper case. With a view to constant improvement, we have also eliminated the leaflet by reporting all the warnings directly inside the case to further reduce the waste of paper.


BLOSSOM - THE COLOR EXPLOSION! 7 Colors plus 1 Clear

  • BLOSSOM is an explosion of color
  • BLOSSOM is the triumph of the freedom of creativity
  • with BLOSSOM your imagination becomes reality

BLOSSOM is the perfect tool that enables you to create an infinite variety of color combinations; 7 colors and 1 clear to add an unmistakable signature to color services: yours! Coloring hair also means freedom. The freedom to give free rein to your imagination in the exciting world of color. Coloring hair with no limits and a touch of surprising craziness.