DelyTon’s deep penetrating Conditioners and Silk proteins work to restructure and even the porosity on damaged hair. These specially formulated proteins restructure the hair from the inside out to maintain perfect condition.


DelyTON is a non-progressive, DEPOSIT ONLY haircolor that’s easy to use. delyTON’s non-ammonia formula and 47 rich, reflective shades create a perfect tonal balance. delyTON is ideal for non-committal color, toning, color balance and allows for fast color correction. An ideal haircoloring for gray blending, delyTON will blend even the most resistant gray hair. Men will love the “younger look” without the fear of a noticeably, color-treated regrowth.

Because it’s both gentle and versatile, delyTON will not relax perms or cause unnecessary chemical stress to relaxed hair.