A Sustainable Future

We are working to reduce envoronmental impact in our production process. Take a look at some of the steps we're taking.



We strive to provide the most effective beauty products available in an ecologically responsible manner. We believe the most beautiful experiences happen everyday and are evolving into something incredible just ahead of us, which is why ITELY Hairfashion provides products designed with ecologically responsible processes and attributes that contribute to a thriving, sustainable lifestyle.


Several ITELY Hairfashion products have been certified as VEGAN OK. This certification represents a crucial step we’re taking to provide less impact of the carbon footprint we have on our planet. According to Frontiers in Sustainability:

Animal production and consumption are responsible for a wide variety of environmental burdens that threaten sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs), land use and degradation, scarcity-weighted water use, nutrient pollution, use of fertilizers and pesticides, and consumer-level food waste through the entire product food chain.

  • WVG compliance (European Vegan Standard)
  • No ingredients of animal origin
  • No animal testing
  • No ingredients of animal origin in the packaging
  • No instructions for use and images incompatible with the vegan philosophy
  • Unique control code assigned to each company


The Circular Economy is a production and consumption model that we leverage which involves sharing, lending, reusing, repairing, reconditioning and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.

The Mediterranean Blend is a new technology created by a mix of Italian fruit and plant extracts (Grape, Apple, Lemon and Wheat Bran) for skin renewal, greater hair beauty and more color longevity.

Crystalsphere micro-encapsulation technology improves product absorbtion to optimize cosmetic performance.

Biomimetic Emollient is obtained by extracting phytocomplexes from olive leaves; completely of natural origin, providing a highly refractive index to help maintain the hair’s shine.

The Future of Beauty in the World

Excellence in Hair color

ITELY HAIRFASHION is an Italian manufacturer of dynamic, dependable, and innovative hair color products. Our strength lies in color while offering a wide range of methods & solutions that protect the hair & scalp that enhance the natural brilliance of healthy hair.

ITELY HAIRFASHION provides authentic Italian ingredients, style, and a legacy of unparalleled tradition in every aspect of our family of premium brands. Our standards for performance and perfection are expressed through artistry on a global scale creating an elegant & sustainable Future of Beauty in the World.

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We see beauty everyday: from our peers, in the sky and all around us. Discover new inspiration in the world of artistic hair color. We dedicate this book to you... The Professional Colorist: for the advancement of the art & profession of hair color.